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MIT 6.S191 Introduction to Deep Learning (2022) Website

Lectures by: Alexander Amini and Ava Soleimany

Lecture Description Video Notes Author
Introduction to Deep Learning Basic fundamentals of neural networks and deep learning. Video Notes Elvis
RNNs and Transformers Introduction to recurrent neural networks and transformers. Video Notes Elvis
Deep Computer Vision Deep Neural Networks for Computer Vision. Video Notes Elvis
Deep Generative Modeling Autoencoders and GANs. Video Notes Elvis
Deep Reinforcement Learning Deep RL key concepts and DQNs. Video Notes :new: Elvis
Limitations and New Frontiers Limitations and New Frontiers in Deep Learning. Video WIP Elvis
Autonomous Driving with LiDAR Autonomous Driving with LiDAR. Video WIP Elvis

CS224N: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning (2022) Website

Lecture Description Video Notes Author
Introduction and Word Vectors Introduction to NLP and word vectors. Video WIP Elvis
Neural Classifiers Neural Classifiers for NLP. Video WIP Elvis

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